PEFC Douglas Fir

Douglas fir has an understated beauty and inherant function. For our exterior cladding it’s extreme durability against weather is matched aesthetically by the cloud like patterns that appear when it is treated. 


On our decorative interior trims and sills, it’s rich peach and pink tones and tight end grain sit alongside warm clay plaster to create a pallet of calming colours. 


On our floor, its toughness is vital in order to last a lifetime of heavy foot traffic - it also feels incredible to walk on. Our floor boards are 4cm thick and extra smooth. Naturally sound dampening, they replicate the feeling of walking on the wooden temple floors of Japan.

Timber as a sustainable building material

Unlike other building materials, wood captures and locks in carbon as it grows, rather than producing it - around one ton of Co2 per cubic metre of timber. A building made from responsibly sourced timber will therefore store carbon in its structure, rather than releasing it into the atmosphere. Sadly, timber produced in unregulated conditions often causes more environmental harm than good. That is why our timber is all certified under the PEFC and FSC systems for recognising sustainable forestry management and its supply chain. This means that no valuable ecosystems have been damaged where the trees for our timber are grown and cut, and that the forests are managed in order to benefit local communities in an ongoing way.


Our walls are insulated with British sheep's wool, and finished with natural clay plaster. Sheeps wool is renewable, sustainable, breathable and naturally fire retardant. It also purifies the air by absorbing and neutralising nitrogen and super dioxides.

After insulating we finish our walls with non pigmented clay plaster. This creates a surface that is naturally beautiful, breathable and functional. Clay helps to moderate humidity, staying cool in the summer and holding in warmth during the winter.